Complete School - The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection

Affiliate Program

Complete School is sold through the online resaler ClickBank. We pay a 50% commission on all sales that are generated through ClickBank.

So for example, if Complete School is priced at $17.97, you'll get approximately $8.49 as an Affiliate.

The price of Complete School will on occasion vary so the actual amount can change, but you still get 50% of the sale regardless.

Once you reach a payment threshold that you set, ClickBank will send you a cheque in the mail.

To get started is quite easy.

1. First, you need a ClickBank account, which you can get from

2. Then you need to create what is called a ClickBank hoplink, which is a special link you put on your own website where you will be selling Complete School. Just replace the word "nickname' in the link below with the nickname you choose when you sign up:

Good luck and all the best!

Michael Milford

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